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1098 results

We have a wide variety of all your favourite shampoos, so you will never be without. Select the best shampoo for your hair to fight dandruff, clean away any dirt, keep the hair fresh and add volume. Choose from top brands including Aesop, Moroccanoil and Phyto to ensure your hair is kept nourished and fresh daily. Match your favourite shampoo with a counterpart conditioner for the best results. Read Moroccanoil Information to find out more on your favourite Moroccanoil products.

How to pick the best shampoo for your hair

Fine hair - when your hair is fine you need to look at using a volumising shampoo that will boost the root thickness and improve height and body of your hair.

Medium hair - people with medium thick hair have the best of both worlds, depending on the condition of your hair will define which shampoo you use - for dry hair opt for a moisturising shampoo, and if you have oily hair opt for a balancing or cleansing shampoo.

Thick hair - if you have lots of lovely thick hair you may need to go for a de-tangling shampoo, or a shampoo for thick hair, offering enough moisture and restorative properties to keep your looks looking healthy.

Remember hair oils are great to use as a heat protector before styling, especially if your hair is coloured, dry or over processed and in need of some de-tangling and moisture.

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